Sharp Holdings..

The Board..

Ranjith Fernando

“We aim to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. Our customers deserve nothing but the best. That is why we work tirelessly, giving our maximum effort, to ensure that our output is of the finest quality. At Sharp holdings, our customer truly is king.”

Sriyani Fernando
Managing Director

“What sets Sharp Print Holdings apart from its competitors is the attention to detail we place on our products and the efficient and timely service that we provide our customers, no matter the scale of their order.”

Our Standards..


Providing a competitive advantage to our customers through an efficient and timely service at a reasonable price, thereby leading to cost savings, process efficiencies and closer relationships with their clients, suppliers and employees.


Winning through Quality that exceeds customer expectations.

Quality Policy

We aim to achieve the company objectives with the help of the internal and external customers through continuous improvement in accordance with ISO 9001 : 2008 standards.

CSR Activities..

Sharp Print Holdings actively participates in a large number of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities such as donation programmes, where uniforms, school stationary, spectacles, sports equipment, dry rations, etc… for those who require it.

Among the various CSR activities conducted by Sharp Print Holdings, the knowledge sharing project of creating awareness about the Sri Lankan national flag and it’s usage by distributing a booklet containing information to school children, free of charge and also the charity project to fund the construction of a house for a less fortunate family are noteworthy contributions to society.

Industry Recognition.

The Sharp Print Holdings commitment for providing high quality products/services that are delivered on time at competitive prices has been the catalyst for our continued success story.
Our product line is very diverse due to our flexibility to meet all business challenges.